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What Holly Can Do For You

Most authors benefit from my full services because they don’t have the experience, time, inclination or contacts to bring their book to the next level.

Others just need help in specific areas.

That’s why I offer numerous services on a modular basis – just use me for what you need. (See below for a range of the services I can help you with.)

And if I haven’t listed the service you need – ask me. I can probably do it, but if not, I’ll give you a solid recommendation from my network of publishing contacts.

I love meeting authors to review and advise on the publishing process. Face-to-face when convenient is best, but I have built a reputation in the industry for “eLunches” – video call catch-ups so we can chat about feedback, problems, brainstorm solutions, creative approaches and more.

You can book me in 15-minute slots. One session is perfect for a taster chat if you’d like to get to know whether working together is a good fit.

So, You've Completed Your Manuscript; What Now?

1) Structural Edits

It’s crucial for a professional third-party to conduct a structural edit (also known as a “developmental edit”) for your manuscript.

Structural edits involve receiving feedback on the key elements of your story, such as characterisation, plot, pace and structure.

Envision it as the same process as building a house; the structural editing ensures you’ve got a strong frame and foundations in place – without it the whole story will just fall down!

2) Copy Edits

Then a professional third-party should copy edit (also known as a line edit) your manuscript.

This involves a technical edit where such things as sentence structure, sense and grammatical errors are identified.

To continue our analogy, this is where we’re wallpapering and decorating the house so it looks and feels good to live in.

Definitely do the edits in this order too. There’s nothing worse than having a copy edit done, only to realise a large structural change needs making after. (No one wants to wallpaper a wall that now needs to be knocked down.)

3) Proofreading

Finally comes the proofread – the all-important fine tuning that our metaphorical house requires (think polished doorknobs, clean windows, plumping sofa cushions…)

This edit checks for the tiny errors that slipped through the net (typos, missing punctuation, etc.) to make sure your manuscript is as error-free for the reader as possible.

I can help you out on one or all of the above – and a whole lot more, including:

· Creatively brainstorming the best title options with you

· Producing creative cover copy (a.k.a. “blurbs”) to hook readers in

· Drafting and reviewing cover briefs for cover designers

· Creating strategic publication plans

· Increasing the online visibility of digital publications including e-books and audio books through metadata and search engine optimisation

· Getting your submission agent-ready

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