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What Holly Can Do For You

With years of experience in the publishing industry, from hand-selling books in Waterstones to commissioning bestselling books for independent publishers, I am an experienced editor, copywriter and have plenty of knowledge about the business of publishing and selling digital and print books.

My skills mean I can help make your novel shine, and that I can support and empower you on every step of your editorial and publishing journey.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve worked for a range of independent publishers, including Severn House, Canongate and Bloomsbury. I have experience commissioning both bestselling established authors and brand-new debut authors, working with them closely and collaboratively through to publication and beyond. This includes structurally editing their novels, liaising with copyeditors and proofreaders, writing cover copy and straplines, creating and regularly optimising the metadata of their books online and briefing covers. I’ve worked on a range of commercial books, from gripping crime thrillers to heart-warming romances and historical fiction – so have a broad awareness of the commercial fiction market and know exactly what your target readers will expect from your book. And I’m here to help you get it ready for them.

I understand that each book is different and everyone likes to work a little differently, so I offer services tailored to exactly what you need:

Developmental/structural edits: I’ll work closely with you on key elements of your novel, such as plot, characterisation, pacing and structure. This involves reading your novel and sending you suggestions on areas that need more work, and also to let you know what’s working well too. I really understand that there’s a person behind the book and respect the time and energy you’ve devoted to your creative work, therefore my feedback is always constructive. I also offer one-on-one phone/video call catch ups so we can chat about the feedback together. This kind of edit will really take your book to new heights and make sure your story is as strong as it possibly can be. It’s a key publishing step and vital if you’re looking to self-publish or put your best book forward when submitting to agents.

Submission reviews: Submitting your work to agents can be a nerve-wracking time and I’m here to help make sure your submission is the best it can be before you take that step. This includes feedback on your covering letter, synopsis and first three chapters (the industry standard guidelines) but if you have different requirements do let me know and we’ll chat about alternative options.

Publishing consultancy: If you’re looking for a strong title, gripping copy, optimised book metadata, someone to review your cover brief, publishing plans or advice on next steps (or all of the above!) please do let me know, as these are all services that I offer. I’m always happy to provide these via email guidance and on a phone or video call – whichever works best for you.

Specialisms: While I specialise in commercial fiction, crime thrillers and romance, I offer services across a wide variety of genres (excluding only middle grade and children’s fiction). So, I’m always willing to take a look at your manuscript and see what I can do for you!

Ready to dive in? So am I. Please do get in touch, I can’t wait to work on your story with you.


Holly with Mark Stanton, Emad Akhtar, Karen Robinson and Jenny Brown at Bloody Scotland 2019
Holly with authors Simon Brett OBE and Caro Ramsey

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